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benefits for gorakhpur from Planning of the Ram Mandir and the Ayodhya.

benefits for gorakhpur from Planning of the Ram Mandir and the Ayodhya.

The construction of the Ram Mandir of the Lord Rama in the Ayodhya will also now pave the way for the progress of the Gorakhpur and also the surrounding areas. The land of the Kabir, Buddha and the Gorakh will also be  attracting devotees who will be visiting Lord Ram in Ayodhya from abroad. The people who were associated with the tourism business now hope that in the coming time, the devotees will get a good package of Nepal along with the Maghar, Kushinagar,  the Gorakhpur. On the basis of the good fourlane roads and also the air connectivity, the economic picture of the entire region will be changed

This area of ​​ Purvanchal has been very prosperous in the terms of tourism. But due to the lack of the facilities, the inflow of the tourists is now less. But now the movement of the tourists has also been facilitated with the improvement of the air connectivity from the Maghar, Gorakhpur to Kushinagar to Four Lane. Shobhit Das, the city’s major builder, has been very excited about Ayodhya. He also said that with the construction of the grand Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, the spirituality in Purvanchal will also take shape. The Five Star Hotel in Padleganj has also been proposed. The foundation stone program will also be organized soon after the completion of the formalities. ”Kishan Bathwal and Pawan Bathwal, who has signed an MoU worth Rs 1000 crore of the Five Star hotel in the Ayodhya, Kashi and the Mathura at the Investors Summit, have been also excited about the Ayodhya.

Pawan Bathwal said that the Ram temple will change the Ayodhya and also development in the surrounding areas will accelerate. If one gets the land, the one will only lay the foundation of the Five Star Hotel in Ayodhya. The hotel in Gorakhpur has also been set to provide the five-star facilities. ” Lalmani Tiwari, the trustee of the Geeta Press said that ‘When the pilgrims and the tourists from 1000-2000 km away will come to visit the Ramlala, they will also definitely visit the Gorakhnath Temple, the Kushinagar, the Maghar and other religious places like the Geeta Press and the Geeta Vatika. This region will also benefit from the fame of the Gorakshapeethadhishwar Yogi Adityanath and also the development works that will be undertaken by him. ‘

The Infrastructure and the industrial development will also gain momentum.

This rapid development work is being done in Purvanchal which will also be helpful in tourism. Gorakhpur has flights to all the major cities more or less. The international airport at Kushinagar is now almost ready. The work of the fourlane connecting the Gorakhpur to the Varanasi has been progressing rapidly. The work of the Link Express connecting the Purvanchal Expressway is also now going on the fast. The construction of this master plan for the industrial corridor on both of the sides of the Link Express is going very fast. The Six lanes of the Gorakhpur to the Sunauli border and the Gorakhpur to the Lucknow road are being proposed.

 SK Agarwal, the former president of the Chamber of the Industries, says that ‘the Lucknow on one side of the Ayodhya and the Gorakhpur on the other side is being a city. Now expectations of the Industrial Corridor from the Gorakhpur to the Basti have been increased. This has now been a golden opportunity for the tourism industry. 

The Ayodhya will now bring the big industrial houses and the local entrepreneurs. The people coming to Ayodhya will now also show their activism in the business. ” The city chief architect Ashish Srivastava says, ‘There has been no doubt that Ayodhya will write the script for the  development of the Purvanchal. Many schemes related to the hotels industry in the Gorakhpur and the surrounding region are in the pipeline and now they will take shape very fast. There is considerable potential for the development on the roads which are leading from Gorakhpur towards Lucknow, Varanasi and Nepal. The business activities will also increase rapidly here. 

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Author: Samridhi Bhandari

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