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Changing Faces Of Corona Virus aka covid-19.

Talk of the town, corona virus aka covid-19, has taken this human generation by surprise, despite making all efforts, it’s everwhere and anywhere.

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whatever efforts are being made to contain the corona virus situation, seems insufficient.

Interesting thing found is that, the corona virus is changing its appearance and it’s characteristics with every new discovery, report from all parts of the world suggest and confirm this, the main reason behind all this ?

well there are a number of reasons behind this, but the question arises, why is it so ? The answer is, because of our environment and covid-19 is changing itself to adapt to this.

most importantly, the main reason for its expansion and growth, is AVAILABILITY OF NUTRIENTS and its helping covid-19 a lot, like it helps humans.

in Italy, traces of the corona virus have been found in the river water, few days ago a tiger in new york was found affected with covid-19. (our blog featured the news, read more here : “first time a non domestic animal has been found affected with corona virus aka covid-19 …”)

traces of the corona virus are everywhere, its constantly changing it’s characterstics & apperance to suit to its surrondings,

earlier sympotms of fiver cough and breathlessness could be seen but now corona virus remains untraceble witout an signs, earlier it took 14 days to detemine if someone is affected by corona aka covid-19 but now it is taking more than 21 days or more.

The corona virus’s genome is made up of 30,000 base pairs, while a human genome contains over 3 billion. The small numbers make it easy for scientists to track changes and new lineages as they evolve.

The new found version’s of corona virus or covid-19 are composed of changes in base pairs.

and its very alarming because if a virus mutates too fast, vaccines being developed now will potentially become useless, and pharmaceuticals will have to constantly keep up with the mutations by developing new vaccines all the time.

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