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Do you Know the, full form of covid-19 ?

“what is full form of covid-19 ?” to know this, you need to read the article till the last.

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This disease, which has taken over the world as a storm, has affected almost every country in the world, in some places like India, the effort made to contain the epidemic, are being appreciated everywhere, where as some researcher suggest that superpower like America “Will not be able to recover from the warth of virus”

well, the situation is not good and definitely will take much longer time than excepted to recover, but it will be hard to recover fully.

“human aspiration, and unethical exploitation of resources” has resulted in all this, to this thought everyone agrees, but need of the hour is to “set a path’, further course of action to ensure this does not happen again in the future as it already did a lot of damages.

human civilization and its virus connection is not very new, thousands of evidences suggest that even worse had happned in past. today due advancements in communication, tech, resources, research, it’s some how that we are in a better position than the past.

this virus, is called “covid-19”, why do you know that, well if you dont, it stands for, “Corona virus disease found in 2019” in November 2019, first cases of the epidemic were started to be found in china.

well, it is now being learned that , the virus is changing its appearance and it’s characteristics with every discovery, report from all parts of the world suggest and confirm this, the main reason behind all this ?

read more in this article “Changing faces of corona virus”.


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