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big opportunity for INDIA to outpar China

Got to read a nice article on the same subject from 2019 and it suggested a total NO in India’s favour at that time, but now …

All the events happening right now, are suggesting a turn in the winds. their is a very big possibility for INDIA INC to be the next BIG THING.

firstly, Why the reports suggested a total no ?

it was said while Comparing these two giants,

“they have nothing in common other than populations of a billion plus. China is a one-party autocracy that mobilised its homogeneous Han and Mandarin-speaking majorities behind a decades-long campaign of radical reform. India is a diverse multi-party democracy that will always struggle to rally its hundreds of ethnic and linguistic minorities behind any single goal.”

Fed up with the stagnation and chaos China suffered under Mao, its communist bosses began loosening their control over the economy in the late 1970s. They freed rural Chinese to till their own land or leave the interior provinces in search of work. They created economic zones free of heavy bureaucratic control in coastal cities, where new jobs flourished. The authorities also closed thousands of rusting state factories, which threw tens of millions out of work. With no social safety net, many were forced to find new livelihoods in the burgeoning private sector, which was responsible for the subsequent decades of double-digit growth.

whereas India has never risked anything like mass firings and large-scale migration to promote growth, in large part because its democratic leaders fear voters would punish them for the short-term upheaval and pain. As a result, India has seen a much more gradual shift from rural to urban, farm to factory, state to private sector, than China has. Most Indians still live and work on the farm. The population is 70 per cent rural. Booming new cities are as rare in India as they are common in China.

Many business sectors remain largely owned and operated by the inefficient state.

The world’s most populous nations are evolving along very different paths – China toward freemarket communism, India toward state-dependent democracy. The contrast is quite striking.

india not easing of land acquisition laws or labour market rules, or the downsizing of state companies — the kinds of reforms that unleashed years of miracle growth in China, and in Korea, Japan and Taiwan before it. Instead, the manifestos offer dole-outs that will leave the overburdened state less money to invest in roads, ports and electricity plants.


things have so much changed, the leadership at the centre has the right ablity and high athority to turn this dream true. if few billin people agree to him , for staying in lock down for 45 days, with numerous intractions in between , its the right time and opportunity.

Adequate Labor (although it isn’t require much now, due to tech factors )with ample land banks coupled with a big self consumption appetite makes india a perfect destination for investors.

some relaxtion in policy with always on high capacity eletricity supply and proper connectivity can be a game changer.


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