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Recent incident involving mob, lessons for society.

this incident which happened in palghar, in Maharashtra is very unfortunate. it should not have been happened. Due to some rumors,  some people were targeted and also thrashed up. The concept of mob is taking over India and it’s very disheartening and fearful. 
Look, here we not discussing about any caste, religion or community, but we are talking about a incident in which few people were slayed due to some rumors. 
Not only here, it’s happening everywhere in the country. 
Recently a youth in Bihar,  shot his teacher in his leg and fled away, later while hiding in a shop, the mob tracked him down and beat him up with bamboo sticks, bricks and more.
In an another incident, a youth shot a postmistress in his village and later he was gunned down by the villagers. 
Shaheen Bhag is also a example of this, some incidents in j&k where army personals were targeted in the same manner. 
In All this cases the common thing is “mob” and it spares none general public or those who are a part of the system. 
What is all this,  
It’s harmful for everybody and anybody. 
this all incidents are very unfortunate as the “value of human life is completely deteriorated, in the current society.”
We as a country and responsible society should try to address the very problem underlying in the cause. 
Those involved in this type of incidents, should be brought to justice but it’s important  to make sure that this type of things don’t keep on repeating.
In our country, there is a immediate need to introduce some population control measures.
India being a vast country, having different communities of humans, living as a single democracy, so rules and policies must be same and equal for everyone. 
If we don’t wake up today, “Ye desh bheedtrant se Khatam Ho jayega”

Some people in the country are trying to create a cocktail of different blends to keep the so called majority at its toes. They have no ethics, or a proper ideology,  all they want is a piece in the pie or one can say they want the full cake. 

Two opposite fractions, both presented as maniority are tried to be brought together and in between all this, what ever happening is,  being justified in all senses. 
Also something should be done about this 24 hours media which for fresh content, circulate this kind of incidents in a loop that it seems it’s a part and parcel of our daily life and again it’s very untrue. 
We are a progressive and peaceful society, we don’t need all this happening around and what we suggest is only positive contribution should be promoted. 

so many videos being circulated on live tv and social media, which raise a lot of questions.
role of local police and politicians.
despite lockdown so many people were gathered. people involve in the incident should be identified and brought to justice.
sources suggest that a communist politican was present at the scene, in videos many other things are also disturbing. after killing one, the other survivor is taken to police station and then again brought out and handed over to the mob. police disappeares from video, where did they go, not a single effort is seen to made to control the mob.
all this being avaliable on video, the state government is acting senselessly.
our people have to wake up and unite.


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