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9 reasons to Cheer up the Bright Side of the Coronavirus lockdown

Coronavirus lockdown, coronavirus epidemic, Quarantine, an increasing number of patients, deaths, and many more.


We all are tired of listening to the negative news since the outbreak began. We all are stuck somewhere and waiting to hear something new.

Well, staying home and social distancing are the only primary measures to limit the spread of Coronavirus. And, I hope you all are following this and safe at your home.
But what? Many people are complaining about going outside, we have nothing to do at home, we are tired and so on.

The problem is actually that watching daily news and updates about the Coronavirus is not permitting us to see some positive things in our surroundings.

So, here we are going to enjoy the positive and bright sides of Coronavirus.

What are the lessons we have learnt from the coronavirus outbreak?

Positive Effect on Human: Human race became a competition in life. We were not living our lives but surviving based on money only.

You are saving money: It has taught us we can enjoy our life with less money. Spending too much is all just show-off in this competition. In recent weeks, we have experienced that none of the need to spend the money on leisure or entertainment.

Lesson: Spending money for showing off is a trap.

Less wasteful: We are somehow a little bit scared that there may be the chances that food stock is limited in the country. The supply chains may take time to return its normal life. We are somehow encouraged to use fewer resources and not waste anything. Many people are not even getting food at one time.

Lesson: Throwing food without any reason was our biggest mistake.

Family time: How many of you have played games (Ludo, carom) with your family and capture the moments. It made us realise our families need us. The first time, we came to know about their health, their daily struggles, and their dreams.

Lesson: With the growing age, we have forgotten that our parents are too growing and they need us but couldn’t tell.

Something delicious: Restaurants shut down, but youtube recipes are not! Homemade food is more delicious than the Zomato, Swiggy? Many of you have must cook something creative and have seen the different expressions of your family members.

Lesson: Hope you have realized you can survive without fast food.

Home workout is that not much bad: We don’t need Gym all time. Meditations, Yoga, and workout are also good supplements and effective.

Lesson: The traditional remedies are still powerful.

We have multiple TV channels to entertain us, multiple mobile apps to connect with each other, and more space than we can possibly need in our homes. Overall, we have everything at our home that we ever need, but the satisfactions are never-ending.

Positive Effect on Environment: Have you noticed how the coronavirus lockdown is healing the planet? When people are in lockdown, the nature is getting a chance to recover.

Less pollution: A few months ago, our mother Earth was suffering a lot due to pollution. People were facing problem in breathing. The government was compelled to take actions of the Odd-Even rule, high amount challans for the vehicles.

But, the since lockdown, the factories are shut down, production has decreased, fewer vehicles on the road, and the amount of pollution are reduced significantly. The sky is blue, almost completely clear instead of heavy grey smog. Air quality improved and Noise pollution reduced.
Yes, the Earth is healing, which means less wastage, less detrimental to the environment, and fewer resources are being exploited.

Wildlife Freedom: Have you start noticing the chirping of birds now? Animals and Birds are roaming freely in the streets and wondering where the humans are? The wildlife is finally returning to its natural habitat. Well, the best thing is animals got the chance to survive in this cruel world.
We always kept on wondering how to change the lifestyle and give the climate a chance and Earth to heal themselves.

Isn’t the cool that everyone is under a lot of stress right now but at the same moment reconnecting with the natural world. It maybe helps them deal with some of that stress.
Even the surveys revealed that Coronvirus lockdown is bringing everyone together.

How to utilize the lockdown period effectively:
Even you have done and learnt various things during the lockdown and still looking for more option to utilize this period.

Follow this:

Focus on Health and Fitness: Not only Coronavirus demands your strong immune but your daily life also. Remember the days; you used to complain I don’t have time to meditation, workout, and exercise. Utilize this time and transform your health. Learn self-development, become more confident, and let your friends wonder.

Enjoy time with children: Your kids love to be with you all time. They used to wait for you after tiring office day. But now we can spend some quality time with them. Teach them something new.

one of my collegue recently told ” i have a 1 and half year daughter, since her birth, never had enough time to spend with her but with lock down in place, spending time with her has become a real blessing for me, and to observer her grow, learn new things, has been a sheer pleasure, although its hard to understand what she is trying to tell but, we will defenetly gorw our understanding more.the time we will be spending together will be a unforgettable expeirience”

Learn new skills: Well, there are chances that many people have to lose their jobs due to Coronavirus breakdown. So, there is a need to learn some new skills which can help you to fight your jobless situations. You may refer to learn digital marketing skills.

Declutter the home: How many unnecessary things are lying here and there in your room? Look around yourself. Make some time to settle down your clothes, clean your bookshelf, and found some unforgettable lost things.

Think about yourself: No one knows where the crisis will take us. May you will have to rethink your career path, spending, some unforeseen situations. You must be prepared to deal with any kind of situation. Use this time to think about what you really need and value in the future.

Remember, even after lockdown, if you still made an excuse for not learning something, it’s never the time obstacle but your desire to achieve that.

Although the Coronavirus is not less than a disaster but rather than destroying the Earth, it has healed our Earth. After the lockdown period, stepping out into the outside world will feel like a blessing while appreciating the surroundings.

Hope, we have now understood, staying home in the coronavirus lockdown has provided us many positive sides and opportunities to rethink our lives. Share your routine in the comment about what else you are doing during coronavirus lockdown and how it is serving a positive side.


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