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letter of appreciation for &

Dear all,  this is a letter of appreciation for & I am overwhelmed to learn that team is launching it’s own blog which will feature content from all over the globe. As I am told that the USP of this blog is write-ups from various writer who are experts in there respective fields, that is going to be very interesting. I am also great ful that I am the first one to be featured as a guest writer.

global report is going to publish on topics like Up to date global news | India news| purvanchal news| News analysis in Hindi, Editorials on topics that MATTERS, tech updates, finance and Business News, Guest posts from featured writers & much more will be available with Global report, Be part of it.

here the aim is to built a PRO INDIAN, BIAS FREE, SHORT, LOUD & COMMUNICATIVE, Information channel that brings the society together, works for nature, culture & heritage and promotes progressiveness.

TEAM is doing this all to make this site interactive and value for our readers, also to promote a sense of social change & correct path.

in this letter of appreciation for &, i want

 I, myself (investor from birth and blogger by choice.) live and reside in eastern uttar pradesh in India, my views represent my upbringing, values, culture & religion. More about us can be found online @
Ones again my hearties congrats to team and


PS : More of my writeup’s will feature in upcoming blogs on this website. Read here : (COMING SOON)

thanks and regards.

Milte hai


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